Stowe natives refuse to let ski season end

STOWE, Vt. (WCAX) It's a bluebird day at one of Vermont's most famous ski mountains. Stowe's iconic red gondolas aren't running today...nor will they for the rest of the season. But while there is still snow on the slopes, a select few are refusing to call it quits.

Meet the Thorndike family.

"I love skiing with my kids," said Porter Thorndike. "A friend of mine shared with me that he was getting his daughter a setup that would allow her to go skinning. And as soon as the mountain closed, I raced to get the same setup. They're adjustable on the bottom so they can fit pretty much any kids binding or boot."

Three generations of Stowe natives...finding their own way up the hill.

"Skinning's basically skiing but you're just going up and you have different bindings and you have to put these sticky things on your skis," said Porter's daughter Cammy.

Porter's father, Alan, started skinning about 40 years ago. "To get up and around the chin and what I call the alpine boulevard, it just has a magical feel like you're on a different planet," Alan said. But it took a little while to get his son porter into it. "I've only been doing this for two years."

Now he's getting his 7-year old daughter Cammy and 6-year-old son Porter in on the fun."I think five times too," the younger Porter said, when asked how long he's been skinning.

In this new era of closed schools and offices, where "social distancing" is the name of the game, it's hard to beat a trip up the slopes to get your exercise for the day.

"It's a fun thing to do outdoors in a beautiful place and you get to ski down," the elder Porter said.

It takes about an hour to reach their destination, and then comes the best part.

"Umm...skiing down," Cammy said.

A family holding on to winter for just a little bit longer.