Striking at the right time

RUTLAND, Vt. (WCAX) Back on January 14th, North Clarendon's Jon Wilbur bowled a 900 series. That's three straight perfect games. According to the United State Bowling Congress, it's only the 35th time it's ever happened.

"It didn't sink in for the longest time, like three or four days, like people kept talking to me," Wilbur said. "I was almost in a fog from it, kind of like in disbelief."

But if there was one person who people believed could do it, it's Jon Wilbur. The bowling coach at Castleton University and St. Joseph's College, Wilbur is a multi time New England champion and was inducted into the Vermont USBC Hall of Fame in 2016.

Wilbur has been bowling at the Rutland Bowlerama for the last 25 years. His dad started taking him there when Wilbur was 10.

"All his brothers bowled. A couple of his sisters," Wilbur said. "So, I guess it was kind of installed in me once I came along."

Jon's dad wasn't there in person for the big moment, but he was watching the final frame on Facebook Live. He came to the Bowlerama soon after.

"He just said this is unbelievable. He gave me a big hug," Wilbur said.

There were as many hugs as strikes on that historic Monday night.

"We all helped him up off the ground. I got the big first hug and just tried to let him enjoy the moment," Rutland Bowlerama co-owner, Michael Forte said.

"About 7th frame last game, something hit me and I was getting nervous, shaking almost," Wilbur said. "Knees where kind of knocking as they say. So many different emotions going through your body, your head. It's like a complete meltdown of your body once you're done."

But after the meltdown, it started to sink in.

"For me to be able to knock 10 pins down, 36 times in a row, that's what's hard for me to believe, because usually you get a bad break somewhere," Wilbur said. "I don't know how I pulled this off, but someone was looking over me at that time."

Wilbur has bowled over 125 perfect games andhas bowled two perfect games in a row before Monday.

Someone had suggested Wilbur bowl a fourth game to see how long he can extend the strike streak, but Wilbur said he was just too tired.