Thunder Road Season Delayed

BARRE, Vt. (WCAX) It is one of Vermont's most popular sports venues
, but the crowds won't be filing into the "nation's site of excitement" any time soon. Thunder Road announced this week that the season-opening Community Bank 150, originally scheduled for May 2nd, would be postponed indefinitely

"We have to do what's best for the fans, for the racers, for the employees," said Thunder Road Co-Owner Cris Michaud. "We're gonna take guidance from the state."

Michaud has been monitoring the situation closely and he says the track will continue to take its cues from one of their most well-known drivers, Governor Phil Scott.

"He says he's gonna turn the faucet on quarter at a time," Michaud said. "I expect we'll be later, I expect he'll be putting people back to work first."

For now, Thunder Road hasn't made any other adjustments to its announced schedule, and they're hoping to be able to run the Memorial Day Classic on May 24th...but Michaud says they're prepared for many different scenarios

"I have four schedules sitting on my desk what i think is gonna happen," he said.

Given the weather conditions required to run a race, Thunder Road is somewhat uniquely positioned to adapt quickly whenever they're given the green light to return

"Our racers and our fans are very supportive and the people that work for us can really go with the flow so to speak. So we will be prepared," Michaud said.

But while they have explored the "no-fan" option to try and speed up the process, don't count on that happening in Barre

"I mean it's for the racers, it's for us but it's really for the fans, and the fans are what make Thunder Road," Michaud said.

As for a specific plan to keep drivers and their teams safe once the season does begin, Michaud says they're working on it

"Hand sanitizer. I think you'll see that at ticket booths, concession stands, bathrooms. I don't know how we would maintain distancing. Maybe it's masks, I don't know what they're gonna recommend or anything, but we'll definitely look into it."

And they're very much looking forward to being able to wave the green flag and get the season going as soon as they can

"We have emails from fans and drivers every day. Especially with what's been going on, they really need a release and some good news and to enjoy something."