Travis Roy Foundation Wiffleball Tournament Shatters Fundraising Record

ESSEX, Vt. (WCAX) For the past 18 years, Little Fenway in Essex has been home to the Travis Roy Foundation's annual wiffleball tournament. The tournament began with just a handful of teams and raised about 4-thousand dollars for spinal cord injury research and assistance to people who have suffered them.

he tournament has grown exponentially in the nearly two decades since, last year expanding to 32 teams and surpassing the historical $5 million mark with a then-record total of $617,000. This year the tournament organizers set a goal of $650,000...and with the silent auction tally still to be added Sunday, they're already north of $685,000 raised just this year. It's always an emotional day for the foundation's namesake to hear just how much this tournament has done for the quadriplegic community, but with yet another record year, Saturday was particularly special.

"You'd think this fundraiser was in downtown Manhattan or something to raise those kind of numbers," Roy said. "No, we're in a cowfield in Essex, Vermont. And it just tells you the combination of bringing the right people to the right place, and we're gonna make a difference. We're funding a lot of research, we're gonna help out with a lot of adaptive grants, and I'm excited to get back to the office to start spreading it and make differences in people's lives with spinal cord injuries."