Turkey Bowl in South Burlington

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The annual backyard turkey bowl has become a tradition for the Strempek family of South Burlington

"This is year 13, and on Thanksgiving, it's all about family and friends and getting together," said Jason Strempek, the organizer of the game.

It started out as a game for young families in the Laurel Hill neighborhood, but it's grown steadily since then.

"More family and friends, friends asking other friends, work people coming in...the only rule is you gotta be outta here before noon," said Strempek.

The game has gotten so big that this year, they had to make some changes.

"There's a lot of people this year," said Jason's eldest son, Nico. "Maybe 40 or 50 because this year we decided to do four teams instead of two for football so that was fun."

The game used to be dominated by the adults, but that isn't exactly the case anymore.

"When we started doing it, it was 13 years ago so the kids were tiny," Jason said. "Now they're all grown up and they kind of dominate the game, which is great. So all I just do is prep for it the night before and let the kids take over today."

"My favorite memories are always just football and seeing like whatever happens. A couple dads always get hurt so it's kind of funny so we have that," said Nico.

With this being the first year with four teams, the Strempeks set it up as a tournament. The championship game came down to the wire, and they made use of their newfound access to instant replay.

"We just had a really great game where a call got overturned and it was almost game winning, but it got turned the other way so we lost," said Damon Strempek, Nico's younger brother.

But win or lose, the game is all about having fun and who you're spending time with.

"It's really fun, especially when we're playing with all our family and friends and it's never let us down," Damon said.

"My favorite thing about it is everyone's got a smile on their face, everyone's happy everyone's hugging, and everyone goes through their day," Jason said. "And I just hope that later on tonight at six o'clock, they remember where they started, and it's a good Thanksgiving feeling."