Vermont's next winter sports star?

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Thursday, April 9th

A single choice or one opportunity can change the trajectory of a life. Megan Nick made a choice to try something new, took advantage of an opportunity, and now stands alongside the very best in the world in her sport.

Megan Nick is coming off a breakout season in the sport of freestyle aerials skiing.. In her second full year on the World Cup circut, the 23-year-old from Shelburne earned the first two podium finishes of her career in February, a pair of second place performances in Deer Valley, Utah and three weeks later in Kazakhstan and she finished top ten or better in all five events this season.

"It was definitely a boost to my confidence a little.", said Nick. "It feels good when your hard work pays off. If anything, it just motivates me to work harder and to keep fine tuning those tricks so I can do even better for the next year."

Nick's journey to the heights of freestyle aerials began on the mat. Megan was a standout gymnast at CVU who was looking for something to do for her school's grad challenge in the summer prior to her senior year. At the suggestion of a coach on her club team, Nick decided to attend an aerials tryout camp at Lake Placid.
Channel Three caught up with Nick and three of her club teammates at that camp in 2013...and from that humble start, came first a spot in the U-S Developmental program in Utah...and eventually the U-S Freestyle Team...

"I was just so curious about the sport. I had never heard of aerials skiing before I went over to Lake Placid. So I think my curiosity and excitement to see where I could go with it, made me want to turn this into something that I do full time."

Nick credits her training as a gymnast with playing a big role her success...her ability to practice and perfect tricks requiring multiple spins and flips in the air. She's also thrilled to now be a part of Vermont's long winter sports tradition, but also carving her own path in a sport that rarely grabs center stage.

"I feel proud that I get to share the sport of freestyle aerials, because I don't think many people know about it, so it's cool that can share the sport with the whole state and maybe, hopefully, get people involved in it as well."