What to do now that the gyms are closed

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S. Burlington Thursday, March 26th

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. - On most days, parking lots like the one at The Edge would be filled morning, noon and night. For many, going to the gym is part of their daily or weekly routine, and it's about more than just getting in a workout.

"So there's no question that participating and coming to the gym is a big part of the whole experience, and certainly the social aspect is extremely important for everybody."

Mike Feitelberg, President of The Edge, knows that many who visit the gym, especially on a regular basis, enjoy being part of a community. And now with gyms closed as part of the effort to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, the challenge becomes how to fill that void.

"We're encouraging everyone to maintain a routine to the best they can at home.", said Feitelberg. "Set up a routine in terms of nutrition, in terms of exercise, in terms of working at home. Staying within a good routine, even at home, is going to help really reduce stress and also truly help you sleep at night when you can maintain a routine at home as well."

Even with social distancing and stay at home directives, getting outside for a walk or a bike ride is important. But for those looking for something more, Feitelberg says look online.

"There are a lot of really good apps, online information, in terms of exercise programs and classes, nutrition tips, certain guidelines and activities, just things that people can do to keep them busy.", said Feitelberg. "The virtual content out there is tremendous right now, so people should really take advantage of that."

The Edge has partnered with Les Mills to offer its members online exercise programs, just one example of business finding new ways to continue serve their customers.

"Activities people can do.", said Feitelberg. "Mindfulness activities as well, because the mental aspect of this is just as great as the physical. So we'll doing a lot of different things over various media platforms to keep people informed, try to keep people motivated through this and really, more than anything, just stay connected."