We have never seen the type of upheaval that has hit us as a result of the global pandemic in our lives. In our reporting, the far-reaching effects in our society and economy are being felt by profound numbers of people.

These “numbers” aren’t just statistics; we are neighbors. Because so many have such a range of needs, WCAX has prepared some quick links to connect you with the support areas that might be of greatest help to you and your family.

We are committed to serving our home, informing the public, supporting the needs of our community, which is why we created this quick guide of links to resources. The goal is to help you break through to find the contacts that you need, now. The wide range of services are rendered by a variety government agencies, non-profit organizations and churches and other community groups, so when you click on the links, you will be taken away from WCAX.com and to the respective 211 or other service webpage.

Though we are using our “megaphone” of WCAX on TV, online and digitally across dozens of platforms, the credit belongs to the United Ways across our region, which did the hard work of collecting this information and maintaining it. Their efforts have created the robust 2-1-1 system in each state, which includes the 2-1-1 hotline and websites. Because state laws and services can vary, we have broken this guide up by state, and then the service areas within each for Vermonters, New Yorkers and New Hampshirites.

This information is free to all. If you would like to support the work of the United Way locally, you donate to the branch in your area here:


New York

New Hampshire

We want to serve you, and we hope these connections can help.