Millions of Americans battle alcohol addiction

Report: Young children's sports best focused on fun and fitness

IPad app helps newborns with complications stay at home

Study: Balanced, low-fat diet linked to lower risk of breast cancer death

Adult day centers helping seniors age at home

'Selfie-culture' prompts plastic surgery, mental health concerns

Growing trend moves school breakfast from cafeteria to classroom

Ohio woman honors gift of life from her mother

CBD massages becoming big trend in wellness

Misconceptions about migraines

Researchers say they're closer to building a brain in a dish

Arizona researchers create self-sufficient, movable health care clinic

Adults vaccinated in the 1960s may need measles booster

Study: Brain scans provide insights into suicidal thoughts

Simple strategies to reduce risk of senior falls

Medicaid program takes aim at shortage of caregivers

Therapy robot-dogs help patients who can’t care for real pets

Study: Children don't realize how addictive vaping is

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