Introducing RESIDENCE, A Group of Multidisciplinary Companies Empowering the Creative Community

Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 11:00 AM EDT

Founding companies include BUCK, It's Nice That, VTProDesign, Giant Ant, Anyways Creative, If You Could Jobs, and Creative Lives in Progress, with more to follow

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today marks the debut of Residence, a multidisciplinary network of companies with the shared vision of creating a thriving ecosystem to empower the creative community at large by nurturing rising talent, encouraging egoless creativity, and fostering community among its members.

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Founded and led by the team that has grown creative services company BUCK to 600 employees across four offices, Residence consists of VTProDesign, Giant Ant, and the HudsonBec group, which itself comprises four companies. The full lineup includes:

Anyways Creative is an award-winning agency that impacts culture through creative collaboration. Based in London, Anyways explore new ways for brands to communicate and execute with a global network of collaborators. Anyways' clients include Google, Nike, IBM, Adobe, and Sonos.

BUCK is an Emmy award-winning style-agnostic creative company that crafts design, stories, and technology experienced by billions every day. With offices in Los Angeles, New York City, Sydney, and Amsterdam, BUCK's clients include Apple, Meta, Nike, Google, and Airbnb.

Creative Lives in Progress is an inclusive creative careers resource on a mission to transform the way emerging talent access, understand and connect with the industry. With a focus currently on the UK, Creative Lives in Progress encourages greater transparency and representation within the creative working world by sharing advice and insight, highlighting entry-level opportunities, as well as hosting events that bring talent and industry together.

Giant Ant is an Emmy award-winning creative studio focused on art, design, and animation. From their office in Vancouver, they work with a global list of clients including Google, Cartoon Network, Airbnb & Warner Brothers, to solve business problems with creativity.

If You Could Jobs is the place to find jobs in the creative industry. The platform is a quick and easy way to browse hundreds of roles across the creative industries. Currently focused on the UK, If You Could has helped companies of all shapes and sizes find creative talent.

It's Nice That is on a mission to inspire the global creative community by sharing stories, offering insights, and bringing people together to help them make more of their creativity. Over the last 15 years, It's Nice That has grown across many platforms and reaches over 2 million people every month.

VTProDesign is a Los Angeles-based interactive studio that connects people to brands through engaging experiences regardless of medium or technology. Their roster of clients includes Netflix, Google, Ray-Ban, and Heineken.

"We have arrived at a place where the culture of how we work is as important as what we deliver," says BUCK co-founder and CEO Jeff Ellermeyer. "In the shifting sands of creative services, we find ourselves at the right time and place to create a new network that champions this way of thinking."

The combined headcount for Residence tops 735 talent across seven offices and six timezones. Collectively, the group generated $170M USD in adjusted revenue for 2022. Member companies share infrastructure and benefit from federated finance, operations, and communications, while bespoke cross-company teams will unlock new creative possibilities and service offerings.

But the ambitions of Residence go beyond organizational efficiencies and business strategy.

"Residence promises to be a people-focused group based on shared values and vision. We're building a place with incredible commercial and creative potential for its members," says Ryan Honey, BUCK co-founder and Co-Chief Creative Officer. "A place that enables entrepreneurial organizations and people to continue to take risks, innovate and grow. A place that connects the world's most talented, creative people."

Residence is headquartered in Los Angeles and helmed by:

  • Jeff Ellermeyer, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ryan Honey, Co-Chief Creative Officer
  • Orion Tait, Co-Chief Creative Officer
  • Wade Milne, Chief Financial Officer
  • Madison Wharton, Chief Operating Officer
  • Jan Jensen, Chief Talent Officer

Following the launch of Residence, Emily Rickard will be promoted to the role of President at BUCK, where she will continue the growth she fostered as Chief Production Officer.  Under her leadership, she oversaw the opening of BUCK's Amsterdam office and helped guide the company to eight straight years of high double-digit revenue growth.


Jeff Ellermeyer, Orion Tait, and Ryan Honey founded BUCK in 2004. The company has since grown to more than 600 employees worldwide, pushing the boundaries of art, design, and technology. In October 2022, the team founded Residence with a focus on merging in like-minded creative companies to build an equitable creative services ecosystem. Companies in Residence include BUCK, VTProDesign, Anyways Creative, Giant Ant, It's Nice That, Creative Lives in Progress, and If You Could.

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