Send A Piece of Vermont Anywhere

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You’ve read it and seen it everywhere. “Buy Local”, “Vermont Made”, “Certified Vermont Organic” … well, the hype is real, so why wouldn’t you Buy Local? Cheese & Wine Traders is a Vermont family-owned discount gourmet food store featuring over 2,200+ wines, 500+ craft beers & ciders, 300+ cheeses, handmade gift baskets and Vermont made local products. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Read more, because it gets better!

We offer ridiculously low prices in comparison to grocery stores, due to a few things:

  1. A great deal we were lucky to find.
  2. Overstock of a product – we have tons of it.
  3. Packaging is not in “mint” condition – a dented can or ripped package.

On top of our great prices, we have the perfect gifts. Make a great impression on the most important employee, client, friend, or family member. We’ve got you covered. Our gift baskets can be customized and there’s always free shipping!

Our gifts are masterfully assembled and include tastefully curated goods to display the deliciousness of Vermont. Here are a few of our popular baskets to gift this season:

1. Citizen Cider Crate:

Vermont Beer Crate

Equipped with a four-pack of Vermont hard cider and the ideal snacks to pair, you are sure to please all the cider drinkers in your life. Shop our Citizen Cider Crate HERE!

2. Gourmet Red Wine Basket:

Gourmet Wine Basket

This basket is perfect for a pre-dinner treat, filled with Vermont snacks and sweets and the perfect red wine to pair. Friends and family will love sipping and snacking on some of the best goodies that Vermont has to offer! Shop our Gourmet Red Wine Basket HERE!

3. Cheddar Lover’s Basket:

Cheddar Lovers Basket

The perfect gift for your favorite cheddar fan? This basket features some of Vermont’s very best, with your choice of Plymouth Cheddars, paired with a Sidehill Farm Jam and Castleton Crackers! Shop our Cheddar Lover’s Basket HERE!

Give gifts from Cheese & Wine Traders. It’s the ultimate way to send Vermont to anyone (even if you’re a homegrown Vermonter)!

Check out our full selection or gifts at our website:!