The Importance of a Proper Trade Show Display

Sponsored - A thoughtfully designed trade show display will catch attendee’s eyes from across the room and draw them in.

When your booth is one of potentially hundreds within an exposition center, it’s all that more important that your displays stand out as being somehow different, more engaging and more interesting than the rest.

Take some time to determine relevant F.A.Q.s and supply the answers before anyone has to ask.

What are the top questions potential business connections always ask? What does it cost me… How easy is it to work with… Will my customers be happy? Determine what these questions are and then design a display that gets right down to the point. If they cant think of any reason why they shouldn’t work with you, they’ll simply have to work with you.

Supply professional literature in attractive and professional displays.

Every trade show attendee leaves the event with a shopping bag full of literature. Make sure your brochures are in that bag, and make sure they convey a sense of professionalism. Work with a professional graphic designer and business printer to supply high quality collateral that reflects well on your company.

Be the prettiest girl at the ball.

There are some fantastic companies out there who offer incredible customer service and a high quality product but simply don’t know how to merchandise themselves. Unfortunately, if your display isn’t strong, your sales probably won’t be either. In a crowed expo, it’s vitally important that your booth stand above the rest, and that your display be both engaging and informative.

Work with an experienced graphic designer to build a trade show display that does the hard work for  you. Great Big Graphics, Inc., has a 40 year reputation for doing it right. Contact us today to get started.