Top 5 Free Psychic Reading Websites of 2023

Top 5 Free Psychic Reading Websites of 2023

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Top 5 Free Psychic Reading Websites of 2023

A free psychic reading online may provide clarity and insight when you need it the most, There is nothing wrong with feeling anxious or uncertain, especially in these times when “normal” seems to be rapidly evolving. If you have thoughts or concerns about any aspect of your life, be it life decisions, relationships, or your career, speaking with an experienced online psychic reader can help provide you with the insight and clarity you need.

While this might sound easy, finding the right psychic for you can be difficult. This is especially true when you consider the number of free online psychic reading sites out there. Finding the best one that is reputable and offers accurate free psychic readings can be arduous.

Fortunately, we have taken on the challenge to provide you with the best free psychic readers of 2023. Each one of these websites offers a fantastic variety of different free psychic readings services along with a choice of hundreds of different world-renowned, low-priced, and free online psychic readers. Without further ado, let’s dive into each to see what makes that platform so special.

Best Free Psychic Reading Websites of 2023

  • Kasamba - Best Overall Free Psychics Site (3 FREE Min + 70% Off)
  • Psychic Source - Best for Free Psychic Love Readings (3 minutes Free + 75% OFF)
  • California Psychics - Accurate Psychic Readings for Free via Phone or Chat ($1/Min + 5 Free)
  • Mysticsense - Trusted Free Psychics offering Video Sessions (5 Free Min + Low Rates)
  • Purple Garden - Best For Spiritual Readings, $10 Free Credit With Any Purchase

Why You Can Trust Us

Trust us to provide you with the best reviews on free psychic readings sites. We have conducted rigorous research and drawn from our broad experience in this field to compile meaningful information about online psychics and tarot card readers. Constantly seeking out new sources, we can keep you up-to-date on the latest developments.

In addition, our reviews are not only more accurate than others but also more comprehensive. We take the time to understand each reader's techniques and motivations, allowing for an honest assessment of their skills and services. With us, you can be sure you are getting the most out of your money.

1. Kasamba - Accurate, Amazing Free Psychic Readings


Kasamba has been providing free online psychic readings for more than a decade. This makes it one of the best psychic reading websites out there. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for insight into your relationship or need help dealing with a major decision in your life; Kasamba can help provide the guidance you need to better shape your future.

Some psychic mediums at Kasamba utilize divination tools like runes and tarot cards to collate information concerning your life. Conversely, you have other medium psychics that provide insights into your life by simply using their intuition.

You can get advice on infidelity, relationship, marriage, love and more. A quick view of the Kasamba site will show that most customer reviews and testimonials are positive. You can get free psychic readings from clairvoyants, medium psychics, tarot card readers, empaths and more.

A standout feature of getting a psychic reading from an online psychic at Kasamba is that you can get 70% off your first psychic reading session. Moreover, as a first-time client, you can get 3 free psychic reading minutes.

Kasamba offers clients insightful guidance for just about any of the complicated life questions you might have. The talented psychic reader can provide the answers you need, from relationship and love advice to visions collated from astrological signs.

As stated earlier, Kasamba has a fair introductory rate and a range of high-quality psychic readers, making this site stand out as one of the best psychic reading websites. This can be a great choice for those trying to create long-term relationships with their psychic reader.

Talk with new psychics for FREE till you find the perfect one on Kasamba

What Is the Cost of Getting a Psychic Reading at Kasamba?

The price can vary significantly when it comes to the cost of a psychic reading on Kasamba. Prices range from $1 per minute to as much as $5 for the same amount of time. This is arguably the widest range of any online psychic platform available today.

The cost of an online psychic reading can depend upon various factors, such as the psychic you choose and the medium through which your reading is conducted. For example, phone readings on this platform tend to be more expensive than other options.

Using Kasamba's pay-as-you-go model, you must have money in your account to access their services. This is because a holding fee of up to $15 is placed on your account to ensure that you can afford the payment for a session. This fee will be removed an hour after concluding your psychic offering and may also be applied when you choose a payment option for the first time.

Nevertheless, Kasamba does not provide standardized pricing in terms of its services. You must pay as you go according to what services you require.

Therefore, it is important to ensure funds are available before accessing Kasamba's offerings. This way, you can be sure that your account balance covers any desired services.

As stated earlier, Kasamba has the widest payment range of the online psychic reading sites listed in this article. However, the platform makes up for it by providing frequent discounts that make it even possible to get free psychic readings.

Newcomers get 70% off their first psychic reading; however, the promotions do not stop there, as current customers can also get discounts that range from 10% to 50%. You can also get a one-time credit that can be used toward your next psychic reading session.

For the most part, Kasamba doesn’t run too many special programs; however, when it does run them, they are typically capped at $50 unless explicitly mentioned. Negotiating with Kasamba’s online psychics is possible when you want to conduct psychic readings via email.

Kasamba Top Payment Options

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal


  • Frequent coupons and deals sent via email
  • good customer service features
  • 24/7 availability
  • Diverse range of psychic readings
  • Large number of psychics


  • Website can be difficult to navigate
  • It can be unclear when getting psychic reading advice

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2. Psychic Source - Best Psychics Platform for Free Love Readings

Psychic Source

Psychic Source is a wonderful psychic phone readings service that also provides live video psychic readings via webcam and chat. This psychic reading website offers psychic readings in spiritual guides, live tarot readings, astrology, relationships, dream analysis, channeling, soulmate connections, and many more niches.

It can be difficult to find trustworthy psychic readings online. However, Psychic Source goes above and beyond to fix this by ensuring its real psychics follow the best customer care practices.

Video psychic readings are available for those who want a more personal connection that a chat session or phone psychic reading doesn't provide. Psychic Source offers a $0.66 per minute reading making it possible to get accurate and affordable psychic readings.

Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to narrow your search when searching for the best online psychics. Alternatively, you can check out the top 100 best psychics online.

There is a multitude of filtering options to let you find the very best online psychics. Moreover, you get detailed psychic medium profiles,great customer service and a lot more to entice you into the fold. Considering that this site has been in operation for over 30 years, it makes perfect sense that it does all it can to provide high-quality psychic reading services—the focus isn't solely on turning a profit.

Find out more about love readings on Psychic Source (70% OFF)

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Psychic Reading from Psychic Source?

The cost for psychic readings on Psychic Source varies from $0.66 to $4 per minute. It is based on the type of psychic reading you choose and may be slightly higher for online video readings. However, their website always displays the rate before signing up for a session, so clients are informed about the costs.

Additionally, those who visit the same psychic within 30 days (45 days if they are part of the Membership Rewards program) can be sure to get their reading at the original rate with Price Protection. This ensures that clients are getting a fair price for their readings.

New clients to Psychic Source receive great bonus offers and introductory deals. They get 3 free psychic reading minutes per session and a rate of $1 per minute for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. This can be ideal for those new to psychic readings to build relationships with psychics on the site.

Unfortunately, there is no customer protection guarantee in place that can freeze the session rate. However, clients that sign up for the Membership Rewards program can earn money depending on their talk time and the number of readings they get each month.

Moreover, Psychic Source has numerous constantly evolving offers that users can enjoy. Generally, the promo codes typically consist of 4 to 5 numbers or letters and are only made available to current members. However, there are some special offers that don’t require a code. When you get a special offer like this, it means that your discount gets added to your account instantly.

Psychic Source Top Payment Options

You can pay for your readings using the methods below:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Debit card


  • Membership rewards program
  • Comprehensive psychic medium profiles to ensure you get the best fit
  • Online psychics are experienced and dedicated to providing superior service


  • You cannot speak with an online psychic before starting a psychic reading
  • The rate you pay for a psychic reading can depend on the medium: chat, phone, or video call.

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3. California Psychics - Free Psychics for Best Readings Via Phone or Chat

California Psychics

California Psychics is one of the best psychic reading websites. This is because it offers a large variety of reading services for customers to select from. This can include pet psychics, soul clearings, numerology, horoscope readings, energy healers,love readings, life problems and more.

Furthermore, new customers get 5 free psychic reading minutes using promo code “ADD5” with every new psychic reader they try. This bonus feature makes it easy to find the right online psychic. New users of the platform can get their first psychic reading session via email or chat for about $1.

What makes California Psychics unique is that each psychic on the platform has their own bio page. The bio page provides detailed information concerning their skillset, experience, and the type of readings they offer. You can also discover their performance by viewing reviews left by previous clients.

California Psychics is a wonderful online psychic site that has been operating for more than 2 decades. It has hundreds, if not thousands, of online psychics. It also provides discounts for users to enjoy. This ensures that it is viewed as one of the best online psychic reading sites.

California Psychics is an online psychic platform that takes quality and accurate psychic readings seriously. Online psychics looking to join the platform are put through extremely rigorous tests to ensure that they can maintain the high reputation of the platform. Furthermore, clients can leave reviews on the psychics, providing another avenue of quality control.

Select from 100s of verified psychics on California Psychics

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Psychic Reading From California Psychics?

The cost of a psychic reading from California Psychics can be confusing due to its 3-tier structure. On its Pricing page, readings can range from $1 to $4 per minute - with the 'Premium' tier being the highest and the 'Popular' tier as the lowest.

Fortunately, first-time users are eligible for discounts at California Psychics to ensure that everyone gets an affordable session. Clicking on any price tab brings you to the payment method page; regardless of your chosen tier, you will pay for 20 minutes of psychic reading.

California Psychics’ payment structure becomes even more confusing after spending time on a psychic's page. While there, you will notice that most California Psychics premium online psychics do not offer services using the new client introductory rate. Most even charge $2 to $4 per minute for online psychic reading.

Having researched the site, I discovered that the lowest psychic reading rate clients could get on the site, apart from the introductory offer, is $2 per minute. While the Pricing page can be confusing, the prices pasted on it are similar to what customers get at other online psychic reading websites. The actual price range for an online psychic reading can be from $1 to $4 per minute.

California Psychics offers prepaid call or pay-per-message chat options, so you don't have to worry about paying on a minute-by-minute basis without making payment upfront. When your time runs out, there are two paths you can take: end the call and the session as is or top up your account with more minutes.

As an added bonus, members of our tiered service get access to multiple advantages that aren't available anywhere else. This way, customers can ensure they get the best value from their psychic readings.

It's worth noting that all calls are prepaid to guarantee everyone gets their desired appointment time and receives quality guidance through trusted sources. With this service model, you never have to worry about losing time or money, as you get a predetermined amount of psychic insight for your payment. So make sure to take advantage of California Psychics' tiered service and all the benefits that come with it!

California Psychics Top Payment Options

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal


  • Amazing customer service
  • Secondary services and benefits
  • A range of reading methods, reading types and online psychics


  • Negative feedback isn’t shown on the site
  • The pricing tiers can be confusing

Get insightful answers on money, destiny and love

4. Mysticsense - Great Selection of Free Psychic Readers


Mysticsense is said to be of the best psychic reading websites out there. While some sites seem to have a limitless number of reading services and others have too few, Mysticsense has chosen to have an amount that provides numerous options yet doesn’t overwhelm them.

One of the unique features of Mysticsense is the blog that teaches users how to spot and avoid scams. The “What is a Psychic Reading” page provides tips and other hints useful in avoiding scams. The existence of this page shows how much focus Mysticsense has placed on having a stellar reputation.

The online psychics at Mysticsense offer psychic readings via video, chat, and phone. Most of them tend to offer video psychic readings, making Mysticsense a great platform for those who want a more intimate psychic reading.

It has affordable psychic readings, and you can choose from many psychic reading services. It also helps that most of the online psychics on Mysticsense are highly rated. The Mysticsense site also provides daily curated horoscopes and information on several psychic topics. Mysticsense makes a great platform due to its features and availability of psychic mediums.

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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Psychic Reading From Online Psychics at Mysticsense

Depending on how you look at it, the fact that Mysticsense doesn’t have a session price tier can be positive or negative. This platform does not leave the price setting to the discretion of its online psychics. This can be great for those new to the online psychic world, as it enables them to get an accurate psychic reading for an affordable price.

Nevertheless, spend enough time on the site, and you will meet some more experienced and talented online psychics that charge almost exorbitant prices. The price tier you choose depends on whether you are willing to get what you pay.

On average, MysticSense charges anything from $1 to $3 per minute for its psychic readings. This might not be that high, considering you can find some online psychics charge more than $6 per minute for their services.

Furthermore , Mysticsense clients do not have to worry about meeting a minimum psychic reading session time to qualify for bonuses. This means your session can be as short or as long as you need it to be so long as you get answers to your questions.

There also isn’t a specific money-back guarantee policy highlighted on the platform. Nevertheless, MysticSense does have a history of returning funds to customers that aren’t satisfied with the readings they have received.

Mysticsense Top Payment Options

  • Debit and credit card
  • PayPal


  • Responsive customer support
  • Free curated horoscopes
  • 5 minutes free psychic reading session to test out psychics
  • Various communication options are available


  • Its collection of online psychics isn’t as large as others
  • The refund policy can be quite confusing
  • Getting a promo code to activate the bonuses can be difficult

Get a personalized psychic reading from real psychics at Mysticsense

5. Purple Garden - Best Psychics for Meeting Your Budget

Purple Garden

Purple Garden has been in operation for over two decades, providing high-quality psychic readings via phone, video, and online chat. There isn’t that much information available concerning the site, which can seem to worry prospective clients. Nevertheless, the fact that it has been in operation for more than two decades shows it is doing something right.

For that reason, it is named among the best psychic reading websites. Purple Garden lets you connect to its online psychics via phone, chat and video call with real psychics specializing in numerous niches such as astrology, love readings, tarot cards and much more.

New clients can select from hundreds of online psychics with unique skills and talents. Perhaps a standout feature of this site is its mobile app that lets you connect with online psychics for psychic readings on the go. This ensures you can always get a psychic reading regardless of where you are in the world.

Purple Garden offers its clients easy and fast access to insightful answers, be it about career, money, love and relationships, the dearly departed and more.

It also helps that the introductory offers help set this platform apart. New users get an introductory psychic reading rate of $0.99 per minute. This rate makes Purple Garden one of the go-to psychic sites for affordable psychic readings.

Furthermore, the site offers detailed psychic profiles for users to peruse through. This ensures you always have as much information as you need when picking an online psychic that suits your needs. The online psychics on this site use various reading styles, tools and methods, meaning there is always something for everyone.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Psychic Reading From Purple Garden?

The average price a client can expect to pay for a psychic reading on Purple Garden can range from $0.99 to $3 per minute. The price you pay typically depends on the type of psychic reading you choose. For instance, you can expect to pay slightly higher fees for an online video psychic reading compared to a phone psychic reading.

Thankfully, Purple Garden always displays the online psychic's rate, ensuring you are well-informed before signing up for a psychic reading. New clients also get great bonus offers, as Purple Garden gives attractive introductory offers. New clients get 3 free psychic reading minutes a session.

They also get a rate of $0.99 per minute for online psychic readings. This promotion can be a wonderful way for those new to psychics to develop their relationships with online psychics on the site.

You should also note that Purple Garden doesn’t provide any satisfaction guarantee like other sites on this list. Newcomers get 5% cashback on their readings coupled with a $10 credit matching bonus. The promotions do not stop there, as all customers can enjoy psychic reading rates as low as $0.99 per minute

Purple Garden doesn’t run too many special programs; however, it constantly has regularly updated and competitive rates. It is even possible to direct message a psychic to negotiate a fee.

Purple Garden Top Payment Options

  • Debit card
  • PayPal
  • Credit card

Start your journey to more insight with Purple Garden ($10 FREE Session)

General Information

You need to consider a couple of factors when searching for the best free psychic readers of 2023.

Check for a Satisfaction Guarantee or a Refund Policy

The hallmark of a reputable online psychic site is if it offers a refund policy or a satisfaction guarantee. If there’s no refund policy or satisfaction guarantee, check if there are other methods and policies to limit or reduce any potential negatives. It could be as simple as choosing a site that offers free psychic reading minutes instead.

The appearance of such policies means that the sites in question have taken the time to find qualified, experienced and accurate psychics. It also means that they are confident in their abilities and skills.

Search for Generous Discounts and Affordable Prices

Deciding on your budget is one of the most important steps before considering a psychic reading site. For one-time readings, I recommend a site with an attractive introductory offer like Kasamba. The determining factor here is if you’re looking for a one-time reading or if you’re looking to have readings done regularly.

However, if you want regular readings, you are better off with a site with affordable and fixed rates. Another factor you should consider is if a site has a membership or rewards program, as this program can help you save money in the long run.

Check the Site’s Psychic Screening Process

When judging a psychic reading site, the screening process is one feature to check for. Such will reveal the presence of quality readers. As a result, proceed with caution when you access sites with scanty information on how they hire their psychics.

However, the absence of this info should not be the sole yardstick to judge the authenticity of a psychic reading site. Other features like customer reviews can help.

Pick a Suitable Communication Method

Always consider how you want to connect with your reader: phone, chat, video, or email. If you prefer real-time interaction and enjoy speaking with someone, you should opt for a phone or video reading.

Finding sites that offer phone and chat readings is easy, but video and email take a bit more searching. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone over the phone, or would like to take your time with your answers, then email and chat readings are the way to go.

The method you prefer will largely depend on your personality and personal preferences. Furthermore, if you are concerned about privacy, you can switch your webcam off during a video psychic reading.

Select a Well-Established Site With Highly Experienced Psychics

Checking customer reviews for each psychic and the overall site will also indicate how trustworthy and established the site is.

If a site has been around for a decade or more, it’s likely to have several experienced psychics that can provide accurate readings. There’s no way an online psychic site can last that long if it lacks a solid reputation or consistently gives unsatisfactory readings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose an online psychic?

Choosing the right online psychics is quite easy. The first thing you need to do is understand why you want to get a psychic reading. Do you have questions that you need answers to? Do you have a big change coming up in your life and are unsure how to deal with it?

The answers you provide to the questions above can help you understand what to look for in the right psychic. For example, if your psychic reading is about love, you want someone compassionate. If you are concerned about your career, you want someone who gives it straight.

How often should I get a free psychic reading?

How often you get a free psychic reading will actually depend on your situation. For example, if you are going through some rough patches in your life, be it your career or love life, it might be necessary to schedule a series of sessions to help you through the problems. Conversely, if you got a first psychic reading to get a feel of a session, you might not need to schedule another session for a while.

Is there a difference between an offline and online psychic reading?

An online psychic reading allows you to get a psychic reading from just about anywhere in the world. An offline psychic reading, on the other hand, by design requires you to head to a psychic and talk to them face to face.

The main benefit of an online psychic reading is that you don’t have to be in the same location as the psychic. It also helps you get a psychic reading at a time convenient for you. That being said, there are disadvantages to getting an online psychic reading. Since technology is the medium, it can be difficult to get an accurate feel of your psychics. The reverse is the case for offline psychic reading sites.

Online psychic reading sites, however, have come up with a workaround thanks to technology. Most of the best psychic reading websites offer video chat psychic readings. These readings typically resemble offline readings, which is why they are becoming the preferred reading medium for clients all over.

Are phone psychic readings a good option?

While the mediums differ, you should understand that psychic phone readings work the same way as traditional face-to-face psychic readings. A reading session starts with the psychic reader asking questions about your life, your motives for calling, and any other problems you might want to discuss or have.

Before you call an online psychic for a reading, it is imperative that you already have an idea of what you want. For example, you can prepare a list of questions to ask. This can spur the process of rediscovering yourself to become more seamless. Moreover, it could help lower the overall costs of your session. This is particularly important if you speak with a psychic with a high reading rate.

The online psychic then uses your answers alongside their psychic abilities and intuition to evaluate the situation. The universe generally drives the answers you get from them. Depending on how much information you give to your psychic , the session can last for as much as an hour. Your psychic reading session can also last as little as 10 minutes. Overall, the average length of psychic phone readings is 30 minutes.

Selecting the Best Free Psychic Reading Websites

A reputable site prioritizes convenience, customer experience, and accurate psychic readings. When trying to choose the best psychic readings websites, there are some questions you should bear in mind:

  • How many years have they been operating in the industry?
  • Does the site offer free minutes?
  • How many online psychics offer readings via the most popular mediums?
  • Does the spiritual readings site have a satisfaction guarantee?
  • Are the psychics highly rated?

You can use the information gained from the questions above to filter out illegitimate psychic reading sites.

Are Phone Psychic Readings as Accurate as in Person?

It is a popular misconception spread by Hollywood that you have to be in the same room as your psychic reader. Real psychics can seamlessly tap into your energy irrespective of where you are. It also doesn’t matter your communication type, be it phone, chat, email or video.

You must trust that your psychic can connect with your energy to provide accurate psychic readings.

How Accurate Are Online Psychics?

Getting accurate free psychic readings will depend on numerous variables. For one, you will have to consider the level of experience your psychic reader has, the method of reading they prefer, and how much information you are willing to give them. Most online psychics offer accurate psychic readings; however, you have to be careful of a few unscrupulous ones.

A great way to avoid getting inaccurate readings is to stick with the top-rated psychic sites highlighted in this article.

Can You Trust Online Psychics?

While there are online psychics of different expertise and skills out there, it isn’t every online psychic that you can trust. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry yourselves, as the online psychic platforms listed in this article are some of the most reputable in the world.

For example, California Psychics uses a strict screening process before allowing psychics onto its platform. Other platforms utilize security tools to ensure your personal information is always protected.

Who Needs a Free Psychic Reading?

Just about any individual can get a free psychic reading. If you have concerns or questions about life. It can also be a great way to get increased clarity in life.

Do the Best Online Psychic Reading Sites Screen Online Psychics?

Yes, the best psychic readings websites screen their advisors. That being said, not every online psychic reading site screens and tests its online psychics. Some sites require the psychic to provide detailed information about their previous experience. Other sites test their advisors for psychic abilities; some have no tests or checks.

Can You Get a Free Online Psychic Reading?

Getting a psychic reading from a highly qualified professional advisor can be expensive. This is why it is essential that new customers are given a free psychic reading. Almost every online psychic site mentioned in this article provides a free psychic reading in one way or another. A free psychic reading session can be helpful as you get to test out the various options before financially committing.

There are numerous ways clients can get a free psychic reading. It could be via discounted rates, a money-back guarantee, or free minutes. While free psychic readings and other promos are great to have, you must take your time when choosing a new online psychic reading site.

Some sites, like Kasamba, provide a streamlined introductory offer, which gives new clients 3 free psychic reading minutes with every new psychic they try. Furthermore, Kasamba also gives new clients 70% OFF their first-ever reading.

This large discount makes it a great choice if you search for affordable psychic readings. Others, like California Psychics, require you to register using a credit card before claiming the 10,000 free coins.