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Vermont has an independent, statewide mutual support and civil rights advocacy organization run by and for psychiatric survivors.

Vermont Psychiatric Survivors, Inc. was founded to offer mutual support and patient representation in Vermont psychiatric hospitals and residential facilities, sponsor peer-led support groups, advocate and educate to challenge discrimination, and offer technical assistance to allied organizations.

In 2018, that mission was refined to provide advocacy and mutual support that seeks to end psychiatric coercion, oppression and discrimination.

The advocacy organization publishes a quarterly newspaper that is distributed throughout Vermont called Counterpoint.

The mission of Counterpoint is to serve as the voice of psychiatric survivors and peers. Counterpoint aims to empower the Vermont Psychiatric Survivor membership and peer network through sharing information among survivors, providing mutual peer support through sharing of personal experiences, and providing information and tools for advocacy. It also serves to educate the broader community on views and subjects of concern to survivors. Counterpoint also serves as a resource for survivors and peers for opportunities in leadership and advocacy, and for sources of support.

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In furtherance of its mission, Counterpoint editorial policies prioritize:

  • News about state and national issues reported through the voice and lens of survivors and peers
  • Profiles of survivor work in advocacy and in peer initiatives that empower others
  • Commentary, letters and reflections by survivors and consumers
  • Art that expresses the lived experience of psychiatric survivors and consumers

Counterpoint also provides:

  • News about survivor and consumer initiatives and events
  • Information about mental health issues, both state and national, including reports on activities in the state legislature and Congress
  • A forum for artistic expression and creative writing by survivors and peers

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Vermont Psychiatric Survivors is a non-profit, tax-exempt membership organization. Membership is open to residents of Vermont who share our mission. The organization hosts a statewide annual meeting, as well as regional programs and events throughout the year. Members receive a subscription to Counterpoint and are eligible to vote at the annual meeting. Click here to learn more about membership.

Learn more about Vermont Psychiatric Services on its website.

Vermont Psychiatric Survivors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. EIN: 03-0335419. Donations are accepted.

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