WCAX News at 4pm Launched!

When WCAX created a team this spring to develop a first-of-its-kind 4:00 pm newscast for our region, we were thrilled to take on the challenge. Our team includes Reporter Scott Fleishman, Producer Mike DelDotto, Weather Director Sharon Meyer and me, Cat Viglienzoni, anchoring. We have spent the past several months developing a concept that will add depth to the Channel 3 News programming.

I’ve been with WCAX for more than nine years now, and I have worn almost every hat there is in the newsroom. So I know creating a new program from scratch is never easy. It takes a whole team to answer the simplest -- but most important -- question: What’s new?

The answer for the Channel 3 News at 4:00 pm is: A lot. From the central concern about the kind of news we bring you -- to fine details like sides of our studio you’ve never seen, we have tried to think through it all. Our philosophy is that if we find it interesting -- you might too. You will NOT see a lot of politics, crime, death or destruction here, though of course we keep up to date with the news of the day. We’re looking for “news you can use,” in-depth news features, a wide variety of local interviews, live coverage of events (once those can start back up again!) and fun opportunities for you to weigh in with “Your Take.” You’ll find the Channel 3 News at 4:00 pm is a lighter, less rushed news program. And I promise we’ll be incorporating “good news” each day because you’ve told us you want to see more of it!

We’ll also be looking for the stories here at home that sometimes get overlooked in the daily rush to bring you “the latest.”

“From my days in the sports department to producing weekly Made in Vermont pieces, I’ve had the great privilege of telling stories of people in our area for the last decade,” says Scott Fleishman. “Our new 4:00 pm show will not only allow me to continue to tell these human interest and lighter-side features, but now I’ll also be able to travel to more area events and show a little more of my personality as I interact with members of the community.”

Scott Fleishman just celebrated his 10-year anniversary here at WCAX and you can see he is excited to bring his strong storytelling skills to the 4:00 pm news team.

Local news remains the core of who we are at WCAX, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. So while we’re having fun, we’ll also make sure you’re up to speed on the top stories we’re watching here at home -- and what our Channel 3 reporters are working on for the evening newscasts. We’ll also prepare you for whatever Mother Nature has in store every day. Sharon Meyer is bringing her 40+ years of experience to the 4:00 pm news to make sure that whether you’re commuting or recreating, you’re ready.

“We’re looking forward to providing our viewers with the weather information they need to prepare for the evening,” explains Sharon. “Can you go for a walk after work? Or will you be coping with snow and ice on your way home? And of course we will bring you the Max Advantage forecast for the next 10 days to help you plan the rest of your week.”

Our entire team has been working on this new adventure for months now, and we’re excited to be the first to share the afternoon with you -- starting at 4:00 pm. We look forward to “seeing” you there!

Cat Viglienzoni, 4:00 News Anchor - cat.viglienzoni@wcax.com

Scott Fleishman, 4:00 News Reporter - scott.fleishman@wcax.com

Mike DelDotto, 4:00 News Producer - michael.deldotto@wcax.com

Sharon Meyer, WCAX Weather Director - meyer@wcax.com