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What you need to know about vaping-related lung injury

New information about the dangers of vaping and what doctors are discovering about a mysterious illness. Our Roger Garrity spoke with a Vermont doctor who has been working with the CDC and medical professionals around the country to gain more information on the illness.

Loons thriving in Vermont

It was a record year for nesting loons in Vermont. Our Cat Viglienzoni spoke with Vermont Fish and Wildlife about how the population has grown and what threats still remain for the birds.

State seeks changes to 2020 OneCare Vermont budget

Vermont has to decide what to do with $1.3 billion which will impact how you get your health care. Regulators are mulling over the budget for the group tasked with rolling out Vermont's new health care system. Our Calvin Cutler breaks down OneCare Vermont's budget and what state regulators want to see in it.

Prosecutors name suspect in Hinesburg murder

We now know who police believe pulled the trigger in the killing of David Auclair in Hinesburg last July. Our Dom Amato breaks down the story for you.

Vt. woman who survived 'Voyage of the Damned' discusses refugee experience

A woman in Burlington shares her story of being turned away from seeking asylum as a Jew during the Holocaust. Our Galen Ettlin learned how she's helping keep the history alive, too.


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