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Welch weighs in on first day of hearings

Reporter Kyle Midura spoke to Rep. Peter Welch, who is playing a key role in the impeachment hearings.

Analysis: What happened during day one of impeachment hearings?

National political correspondent Greta Van Sustren breaks down what happened at Wednesday's opening impeachment hearings.

Police: man stopped traffic and assaulted Brattleboro officers

Police say Tyler Smith Jr. was jumping on cars and blocking traffic on Putney Road Wednesday afternoon. They say he also attacked Brattleboro officers.

Fuel delivery driver dies after crashing into tree

A driver out delivering fuel is now dead after crashing into a tree on Route 35 in Athens.

Vermonts Bennington College gets $12m gift from graduate

Vermonts Bennington College has received a $12 million gift, most of which will be used to help support the visual arts.


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