In the Garden: Keeping tomato blight at bay

In the Garden: Keeping tomato blight at bay

Fresh tomatoes are a favorite from the garden, but if you don't take a few steps now to protect them, you could lose them to disease. Gardening expert Charlie Nardozzi shows us how.

Evening Weather Webcast

Your scorching Friday outlook from the WCAX weather team.

Analysis: The path to impeachment

Galen Ettlin spoke with Jared Carter, a constitutional law expert at the Vermont Law School, about the impeachment process and whether democrats have cleared the threshold.

In the Garden: Managing self-sowing annuals and herbs

There are a lot of plants that if you leave them, you are going to have them forever. Charlie Nardozzi shows us how to manage these self-sowing annuals and herbs.

Tips to avoid heat-related illnesses

Temperatures are soaring to dangerous numbers across the country. Doctors are warning everyone it's critical to take care in these sweltering conditions. i


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