Wed Oct 09 16:34:54 PDT 2019

Still in the Shadows - Part 3

Vermont state officials are not hiding from the fact that undocumented farm workers are working in the state. And as federal immigration policy is getting stricter, migrants have benefited from help from local groups and the state.

Vt. Episcopal bishop speaks out about president's photo-op

Our Darren Perron speaks one on one with Vermont's Episcopal bishop who condemned President Trump's Monday photo-op. Hear what she has to say about race in Vermont.

How the coronavirus overwhelmed a Vt. nursing home

A closer look at a Burlington nursing home's journey from the largest COVID-19 outbreak in Vermont to being declared free of the coronavirus.

New Hampshire track ready to race with empty stands

Auto racing is a popular summer pastime for drivers and fans across our region. But the COVID-19 pandemic brought it to a screeching halt. However, the green flag is flying once again. Our Adam Sullivan reports from Claremont.

NH hospitalizations remain steady; no bed shortage

New Hampshire hospitals continue to have plenty of beds available to care for COVID-19 patients despite dozens of new cases being confirmed every day.

North Country restaurants open up for outdoor dining

Gov. Andrew Cuomo surprised many North Country restaurants on Wednesday with word outdoor dining could reopen in the area on Thursday. Our Kelly O'Brien checked out what Day One looked like.


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