In the Garden: Storing dahlia bulbs

Fri Nov 08 17:00:41 PST 2019

In the Garden: Storing dahlia bulbs

You may have to dig through an inch or two of snow now, but it's not too late to save your dahlia bulbs. Charlie Nardozzi show us how to keep them through the winter to plant again next spring.

Vt. Episcopal bishop speaks out about president's photo-op

Our Darren Perron speaks one on one with Vermont's Episcopal bishop who condemned President Trump's Monday photo-op. Hear what she has to say about race in Vermont.

How the coronavirus overwhelmed a Vt. nursing home

A closer look at a Burlington nursing home's journey from the largest COVID-19 outbreak in Vermont to being declared free of the coronavirus.

Vermonters turn to ice cream as coronavirus comfort food

In times of need, people turn to comfort food. And for many that coronavirus comfort food is ice cream.

Vermont DCF commissioner retiring

The Vermont Department for Children and Families will soon have a new leader. Our Celine McArthur spoke with Commissioner Ken Schatz about his retirement, his replacement and more.

New Hampshire track ready to race with empty stands

Auto racing is a popular summer pastime for drivers and fans across our region. But the COVID-19 pandemic brought it to a screeching halt. However, the green flag is flying once again. Our Adam Sullivan reports from Claremont.


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