Mon Nov 18 17:24:17 PST 2019

MiVT: DeskPets

A father and daughter have bonded over bonding and their unique Made in Vermont welded knick knacks are just as impressive as the young lady behind the welder's mask.

South Hero pizza shop offers customers pay-what-you-can option

The coronavirus has left many without jobs, and some are even worried about where their next meal will come from. But one South Hero restaurant is making sure those who feel food insecure can get a meal no matter what the price.

Champlain Centre shops reopen after 4-month wait

Champlain Centre mall in Plattsburgh was among many New York shopping centers back in business Friday after getting the governor's greenlight based on new air filtration regulations. Kelly O'Brien hit the mall and spoke to people who are ready to shop.

Sunday Morning Weather

Dave Busch brings you the Sunday Morning Forecast.


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