What will Trump's Jerusalem announcement mean for Middle East peace?

Eva McKend spoke with University of Vermont political science professor Peter Henne about the U.S. move and its implications.

Record number of LGBTQ candidates on ballots across US

A record number of LGBTQ candidates will be on ballots throughout the country on November 6th. It's being called a rainbow wave.

North Country taps into telehealth

In rural areas, it can be tough to make it to the doctor's office. Over the last year, Essex County, New York, has used technology to make patients' lives a little easier by cutting the commute. Kelly O'Brien shows us how.

'Hamilton' brings history to life for Springfield students

The popular Broadway musical "Hamilton" is coming to life at Springfield High School. Students are using it as inspiration for their own learning, and it's earned them a ticket to the show.

Study: Dad's exercise could mean healthier baby

Most dads want to be healthy to run around with their kids and set a good example. But it turns out what dad does before starting a family could impact his children's health. A new study says dads who exercise pass along better genes.

What is temporary protected status for immigrants?

An immigration lawyer offers some insight into what temporary protected status is for immigrants and the controversy over it.


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