Guide to summer camps in Vermont

Believe it or not, mid-March is already too late to sign up for some Vermont camps; they're already full! So what are working moms and dads to do?

Thursday Weather XTRA

Gary has the latest forecast.

Should non-U.S. citizens be allowed to vote in local elections?

Galen Ettlin spoke with Seven Days' Mark Davis who wrote about the issue in this week's paper.

Identifying the signs of elder abuse

What should you do if you suspect elder abuse? Clayton Clark runs the Adult Protective Division for the Vermont Agency of Human Services. He spoke with our Galen Ettlin about elder abuse in the community and how to identify the signs.

Septic Smart Week brings awareness to importance of sewer maintenance

Gunner McCain and Grahame Bradley talk about the importance of taking care of your septic system.

Reflexology tips to reduce stress

Galen Ettlin spoke with Nancy Somers, a certified reflexologist, about a great way to cut down on some of that stress that you can do at home.

Nurses reach tentative agreement with UVM Medical Center

Officials from the UVM Medical Center and nurses union confirmed Wednesday night both have reached a tentative agreement for a new a contract.


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