Robotic pants offer new hope for mobility

A unique pair of pants could offer mobility to the elderly and people in wheelchairs. Engineers in England created technology inside clothing that strengthens leg muscles.

Tuesday Weather XTRA

Gary has the latest forecast.

Avoiding fraud during holiday shopping season

Galen Ettlin spoke with Duane Dunston, an assistant professor of cybersecurity and networking at Champlain College, about the best ways for Vermonters to avoid fraud while they are completing their holiday shopping.

MiVT: St. Clair Scents

From butter to perfume, Diane St. Clair has a new product that shifts the focus from taste to smell.

FBI report shows hate crimes are on the rise

With the national report, we speak to people at home to see how safe they really feel here in Vermont.

Mystery man picks up tab at Walmart

Items on layaway at a Walmart in Derby were paid off in full by one mystery shopper.


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