Super Senior: Marta Cambra

Super Senior: Marta Cambra

This Vermont Super Senior spent more than 50 years in education. She's retired now but our Joe Carroll found that she has plenty to keep her busy.

Evening Weather Webcast

The latest Xtra update from the WCAX Weather team.

Earth Day in the 21st century

How climate justice advocates in Vermont are working to help you cut your carbon footprint while creating new jobs.

MiVT: VT WoodWork

For more than 20 years a Jericho man has been collecting chisels he uses to shape picturesque scenes into Made in Vermont wood art.

Measles cases continue to spread in New York

Measles cases are approaching numbers the United States hasn't seen in 20 years. More than 70 new cases are being reported, most of them from two large outbreaks in New York.

Welch not ruling out impeachment

Congressman Peter Welch says that he's not ruling out the possibility of impeachment.

Plattsburgh students carry on Earth Day message

Earth Day began in 1970 to help make the public more aware of Environmental issues, and for some students at Plattsburgh High School, it's a holiday that continues to resonate nearly half a century later.


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