Vt. Association for Blind, Visually Impaired on the "Bird Box Challenge"

Vt. Association for Blind, Visually Impaired on the "Bird Box Challenge"

Steve Pouliot, the executive director, shares his thoughts on the new viral challenge where people blindfold themselves and do tasks like in the Netflix movie, Bird Box.

Tuesday Weather Xtra

Dan has the latest Max Advantage forecast.

Study: Coffee could help you burn fat

New research shows drinking a cup of coffee can stimulate what is known as "brown fat." That's the fat in your body that keeps you warm by burning calories.

MiVT: Karen Deets Stained Glass

Karen Deets has spent more than 40 years brightening people's lives with her stained-glass creations.

Human Services secretary weighs in on lawsuit against Woodside

Agency of Human Services Secretary Al Gobeille spoke with our Galen Ettlin about a lawsuit against the Woodside juvenile detention facilty.

Is your smartphone eavesdropping on you?

Have you ever mentioned a product in a conversation and soon after, an ad for the product pops up on your social media timeline? It has many wondering if their private conversations are not so private after all.

Analysis: Sanders, Gillibrand poised for crowded primary debate

The 2020 presidential campaign enters a new phase this week as 20 declared Democratic hopefuls face off in their first primary debate in Miami on Wednesday and Thursday.


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