What impact will emerald ash borer have on future forest health?

Tue May 14 15:08:40 PDT 2019

What impact will emerald ash borer have on future forest health?

Action is being taken around Vermont to prevent the spread of the emerald ash borer to save the few trees left.

Vt. Episcopal bishop speaks out about president's photo-op

Our Darren Perron speaks one on one with Vermont's Episcopal bishop who condemned President Trump's Monday photo-op. Hear what she has to say about race in Vermont.

How the coronavirus overwhelmed a Vt. nursing home

A closer look at a Burlington nursing home's journey from the largest COVID-19 outbreak in Vermont to being declared free of the coronavirus.

Winooski COVID cluster continues to grow

After nearly a month-and-a-half of seeing relatively few new COVID-19 cases, Vermont health officials are dealing with their first large outbreak since the height of the pandemic in April.

IRS accidentally mails stimulus checks to deceased people

A warning from a Vermont woman after she got a COVID-19 stimulus payment in the mail addressed to her deceased father. And before you throw out that junk mail, you may want to take another look.

Senate considers coronavirus' ongoing impacts on colleges

The U.S. Senate held a hearing Thursday about getting students back to college safely, and how the federal government can alleviate the financial pressures being felt by schools.


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