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Vermont DCF commissioner retiring

The Vermont Department for Children and Families will soon have a new leader. Our Celine McArthur spoke with Commissioner Ken Schatz about his retirement, his replacement and more.

Vermonters turn to ice cream as coronavirus comfort food

In times of need, people turn to comfort food. And for many that coronavirus comfort food is ice cream.

Calls for police reform renew interest in stalled Vt. deadly force bill

As thousands around the country protest the death of George Floyd and perceived racial bias at the hands of law enforcement, the Vermont Legislature has picked up work on a police reform bill it started months ago.

Smoke semantics?

What was the smoke? President Trump says authorities did not use tear gas to break up a demonstration outside the White House. Law enforcement sometimes shies away from calling it that because it evokes the horrors of war. But our Darren Perron learned it may simply be semantics.

UVM researchers study lessons learned from coronavirus crisis

A new study from University of Vermont researchers aims to gather Vermont-specific data to help give state officials more targeted information to make decisions the next time around.


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