Vaping information session held in St. Ablans

Tue Oct 22 21:43:44 PDT 2019

Vaping information session held in St. Ablans

Tuesday Weather XTRA

Gary has the latest forecast.

Efforts to help Vermont veterans

From struggles with homelessness, to coping with PTSD and other health-related issues, Vermont veterans face many of the problems suffered by those around the country.

MiVT: Atmosphoria

Two Made in Vermont business owners with experience working with organic oils have gotten together to make a sweet smelling product, cleaning up the air around you one spray at a time.

Tuesday Weather Xtra

Gary has the latest Max Advantage forecast.

New York courts to expand gender options on jury documents

New York's court system says it plans to expand the gender options on jury documents in an effort to be more inclusive of people who do not identify as male or female.

Vt. auditor questions efficiency of Remote Workers program

A new report from the Vermont State Auditor is questioning the value of the Remote Workers Grant Program, the initiative started this year that pays people to move to Vermont and work remotely.


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