Mon Jan 20 17:06:47 PST 2020


Through his website,, his Made in Vermont products are being used by hobbyists and commercial clients looking for a little bit of beauty with their balance.

Morning Weather Webcast

Gary has the latest forecast.

Champion Vt. bagger seeks national bragging rights

Scott Bassett of Fairfax, a 13-year journeyman with Hannaford Brothers, is taking his bagging skills to the highest level -- The National Bagging Championship in San Diego.

Analysis: What to watch for in Nevada caucus

Galen Ettlin spoke with Greta Van Susteren, host of "Full Court Press," to get a lay of the political landscape Saturday and looking ahead to Super Tuesday.

Another busy week on the campaign trail; candidates head to South Carolina

Channel 3's Adam Sullivan is on his way to South Carolina for the next Caucus. They are the next state to vote in the presidential primary.

No one injured in old Swanton barn fire

Fire crews responded to a fire at an old barn with a single apartment on Highgate Road.

Facing volunteer shortage, town to consider full-time EMTs

Voters in the town of Woodstock are going to be asked to consider funding eight full-time emergency medical technicians to help ensure the Vermont community has enough trained professionals to respond to emergencies.


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