Local film crew films new pilot episode in Burlington

Published: Aug. 17, 2019 at 6:57 PM EDT
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Verde Group Films, a Vermont Film Crew has made Burlington the site of a new pilot they are shooting, called Zodiac.

Crews have been busy at work, and local businesses have been busy keeping up with them providing things like transportation, extra equipment, and catering.

Production began earlier this week, and will finish next week. However, the generated business that the shoot has had on the local area will be felt for longer than just the weekend.

"Renting a school, renting a location like 1 Main Street or University of Vermont Medical Center, hiring crew, buying all the food to feed the crew, renting hotel rooms, flying people in, flying people out, all the people we're hiring here or buying services from, are then buying more of what they need, and that's economic development," said Owner of Verde Group Films, Denis O'Brien.

O'Brien says the impact in Burlington from this film could be anywhere from $4,000 - $5,000. When film-production crews set up shop it usually results in some economic influx to the area. The crew say they are overjoyed to have received the support and hospitality of Vermont businesses.

"For example I mean, Rock Point School was really excited about being involved in and helping, quite a few other businesses have provided a lot of support for us," said Director, Jac Skyyler.

The show's star is a big fan of the Green Mountain State. Corbin Bernsen, who has been in films like Major League, said he would love to come back.

"I already have a movie I want to do here," said Bernsen.

He suggests that Vermont create a film market that will help production companies spend their time and money wisely.

"Get yourself a film commission, and get yourself some sort of tax incentive, the natural beauty here, the crew depth seems to be good, all the things, the favors ones sort of needs, but what your missing for people to come here, and do is that tax incentive," he said.

If the pilot gets picked up, the show will shoot an additional nine episodes. Whether they will them film them in Vermont, O'Brien says it's a possibility.